Better Dashboards

Working with Microsoft enterprise chart, dashboard and reporting technologies.


Milan (Mil’uh-n) is a Hindu name, commonly used in Hindi poetry to describe the act of meeting or joining together. It is also the most accurate description of me: a fusion of technologist, entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and writer from Toronto, currently working as the resident BI guru/expert/rock star/ninja for Canada’s top Microsoft CRM partner – Navantis Inc.  I’ve been working with the Microsoft technology stack for the last decade, with previous employment stints at Dundas Data Visualization and Microsoft.

I have a passion for writing, blogging, presenting, creating and dreaming.  I speak excellent French, decent Marathi and horrible Italian.  I use this space for a variety of causes and objectives, but none is more important to me than getting in touch with you.  Feel free to do the same here.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Bob said

    I have recently started a website and have added your link under Blog Links on my left sidebar. I have also subscribed to your blog.

    I utilize Dundas Charts in my reports regularly and will be using your site for help in this area. Good luck with your site!


  2. Ketan said

    Its really good work done here. Actually I am looking for sample code to create a stacked pie chart. please provide some sample code.

  3. navya said

    Hi i need help related to chart size.if legend items are more chart size is getting reduced. Is there anyway to have scroll for legend?

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